About Væxthuset

At Væxthuset we combine resources.

Denmark’s largest nationwide office hotel chain

As the largest nationwide chain of office hotels, we offer professional environments for businesses large or small. At Væxthuset we put great emphasis on putting together solutions that match the needs of your particular business – both in terms of size, price and location. With twelve office hotels spread across the country with more to come, we are able to offer your business a unique opportunity to place yourself in your dream location whilst taking advantage of the facilities offered by all of our office hotels.

Entrepreneurial dreams and networking

Væxthuset is not merely a physical environment in which to place your business. It is also a centre of entrepreneurial dreams, established businesses, a community, sharing of knowledge, a network, courses and growth. At the same time, Væxthuset is an office community, where you as tenant always have direct access to IT, legal and accounting support, and a place where tenants do business internally and lend a helping hand over a cup of coffee.

IT support

With Væxthuset’s own IT support, you always have direct access to the help you need. It is possible to contact the IT support at any time – they will always offer fast and effective support both for PC and Mac.

Accounting support

For entrepreneurs or established businesses questions of tax, VAT etc. can quickly grow out of hand. With Væxthuset’s own accounting support, you always have direct access to the help you need.

Legal support

It can be quite a task to try to gain an in-depth knowledge of specific rules and laws that might affect your particular business. With Væxthuset’s own legal support, professional help and guidance is always available.

Lunch scheme/Canteen

Væxthuset offer local lunch schemes in all of our office hotels. It is easy to sign up for the local lunch scheme and have your lunch delivered straight to your office.

The perfect environment for your business.

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