Meeting facilities


Meeting room booking

At Væxthuset we are happy to create the physical environment for your meeting, whether you are a tenant at a Væxthuset office hotel or not. With 26 meeting facilities across Denmark, you will always be able to meet your clients in a comfortable location that matches your needs. You are able to use our meeting facilities between 6 AM and 10 PM and through the use of a code you can easily gain access to Væxthuset’s conference facilities, whenever you need to. You can rent the facilities each time you need to use them or opt for a punch card-style solution, where the price is either 250 DKK an hour or 10 ‘punches’ for 1500 DKK.



Væxthuset offer a wide range of facilities when you book a conference with us:

Conference rooms

If you need to host larger events or large conferences, we have 6 conference rooms across the country for between 40 and 80 people.

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